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Night School (Night School #1) Review

night school genisis

Title: Night School: Genesis (Night School #1)

Author: C. J. Daugherty

Genre: Young Adult,

Price: $3.99

Format: E-Book

Would I Recommend it?: Meh (but the second book seems promising!)


three stars

Allie Sheridan’s world is falling apart. Her brother’s run away from home. Her parents ignore her. And she’s just been arrested.


This time her parents have had enough. They cut her off from her friends and send her away to boarding school, far from her London friends.

But at Cimmeria Academy, Allie is soon caught up in the strange activities of a secret group of elite students.

When she’s attacked late one night the incident sets off a chain of increasingly violent events. As the school begins to seem like a very dangerous place, she finds out that nothing at Cimmeria is what it seems to be.

And that she is not who she thought she was.

 I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review!

From the beautiful cover, I though Night School would be promising. My sister always teases me because I love books set in summer camps and boarding schools, it’s my weakness. If a book is set in one of those places I will most likely read it. Except I tend to not read realistic fiction, I like those places when they have a bit of magic. Don’t let the cover fool you, the Night School (well at least book one) had no magic. That is what disappointed me most! I was like, oh I bet he’s a vampire, and he’s a werewolves, I was having fun plotting out who they really were, when it turns out there was no supernaturals to begin with! So, if you’re expecting the main character to be a witch with the power of fire, don’t expect that please. I think that’s what made me dislike this book so much.

Another thing I didn’t like so much were the characters. Allie was a hot head at times and acted before she thought. She was also caught in a love triangle with Sylvain and Carter. Carter is the outcast, Sylvains the likeable guy (except I didn’t like him, Carter was better and way more honest and trustable!)

One good thing about the characters were some of them became unpredictable. Who should Allie trust?

The plot was okay. It took about 100-200 pages for it to begin to pick up pace. Allie didn’t find out what the Night Schools secret was until around chapter 30 and there were 45! The beginning was terribly slow, but when you got to those last few pages you were like oh my gosh what happened? Now it picks up and gets interesting and then boom it ends.

With all I disliked why, oh why, did I give it three stars? Because the next book is holding tons of promise!

If you like books that take place in boarding schools, a bit of action and romance then Night School would be good for you!

My overall reaction:

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4 thoughts on “Night School (Night School #1) Review

  1. I keep meaning to read this, although I was expecting supernatural stuff to be going on! It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy it as much as you wanted to, but hopefully the next book will be better? (Also, that Merlin gif is awesome. 😀 )


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