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Red Queen: the Substrate Wars Review


Favorite Quote: “Everyone who comes in here thinks they’re working for a better world. It’s just that people disagree about what that means.”

This book sounds epic, I knew that once I read the summary of what it was about, I had to read it. I just had to. So when I was asked to read it in exchange for an honest opinion, I gladly did. So, did it lead up to my expectations? Yes and no.

Red Queen takes place in a world were everyone is equal. There is no racism, sexism or any other types of problems like that, because once someones feelings get hurt, the Violator of that persons feelings has to deal with the government. I’m not saying that there’s nothing wrong with an equal world, but the idea of a world where you say one thing wrong you end up dead in a ditch is kind of scary. This is the setting of the story, something most people would see as good, yet with underlying troubles all the same.

If you’re looking for intelligent, smart main characters in college, who seem to know what they are doing, then you’d love this book. The story switches between the views of several characters. Justin, Professor Wilson, Dylan and several other characters. Justin is the main character mostly, the guy who gets things done. He’s a college student working with Professor Wilson and Rasna on an Artificial Life lab and is one smart kid. Steve discovers something truly incredible, a way to transport and see other places around the world and universe. Something that either helps or hurts them in the end. Professor Wilson comes in contact with The Grey Tribe, and gets in trouble with the government. Justin wants to help the Professor, resulting in a downward spiral. Everyone is now wanted by the government, will they survive and stand up for what they believe in (a free world)?

The government did some creepy things too, things that made my skin crawl. They had their ways to make people cooperate with operations, to make them like what they were doing, they even found out ways to make them feel differently. They made people feel the way they wanted them to feel. Please, let’s all take a minute to think about what that would be like. Everyone imagine it? Well, I know I sure do, having my emotions controlled would, I think, cause me to turn insane. If I didn’t want to help but was happy to, if I was determined to do something yet couldn’t because they didn’t think it was right and somehow I felt it was wrong….scary…

Also, if your looking for a quicker book to read then try this one. Most of the story is dialogue between the characters and few descriptions, it makes the story fast-paced.

There were some things I didn’t like, I’m not going into any details, but I felt like somethings were rushed, characters to willing and parts that were too easy to overcome.

Okay and on a somewhat off topic, I read the about the author and I have to point out something really cool. Jeb Kinnison, when he was 12 called someone I thought was cool, Isaac Asimov. Yes, Isaac Asimov, how cool is that people?!?!?!?!!?!? Cooler than an iceberg!

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