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The Body Business Review


Reviewing a book I didn’t really like makes me feel bad. I know that authors always spend hours of their lives into each story and novel in hopes that people will like what it is they have to tell. So, when I say I don’t like a book, it makes me feel bad and I didn’t really like The Body Business. On Goodreads its obvious that my rating is the odd one out, everyone else liked it! All of the star ratings are either 4 or 5 stars!

The main reason I didn’t like this book could be that it was under the category of adult. There are some descriptions of characters that had me a bit weirded out. Some of the characters were also in adult only type professions if you get what I mean. Other than that, I felt the story was okay.

There were several characters the book switched point of views from. Samantha, Maginnis, E.B, Kevin, and Chapman. Most of the story was told through Samatha’s point of view.

E.B was a mean girl, gets what she wants no matter what the price. If I had to compare her to a character I know of , I would say she’s like Amanda from True Jackson V.P., only Amanda is more like PG, while E.B is PG-13. She was really mean and vicious, the kind of person I’d imagine with one of those kittens she’d stroke while plotting her plans. She was a character who know how to manipulate people, she was incredible at it too!

(E.B. stroking her kitten of EVIL!!!! Or, how I’d imagine her if she had an evil cat…)

Samantha was the main character though her archenemy, so it seemed, was E.B (who’s determined to ruin her career). She’s the girl with a dark past, shady kind of background, yet wants to make up for all the mistakes from back then. She’s good when compared to E.B.

There was romance in this book but there wasn’t a love triangle, well, not really…!!!! It was a nice change from the usual instant love, triangle type of romance. It was also, for the most part, kept in the PG-13 range! Nothing very descriptive at all. I liked that too. The person she fell in love with seemed like a nice guy, who had his own troubled past which makes them like each other even more, I think anyways… He lived on a ranch, has a pretty cool job (not going to spoil it) and was overall very kind.

The plot was kind of slow for me, yet others said it was fast-paced, again, I am the minority when it comes to this. There were some action and interesting things that were going on. I’ve never read a story with the FBI in it so this was something new that I liked! I guess my main problem was the adult category? I’m not sure…

Although I didn’t like the book I still think you should try to read it yourself, I am after all, the minority when it comes to my 2.5 flower rating. There were heart pounding, oh my gosh, moments, some intense sabotage and the writing was good too! If you’re into the adult, romance, action book then please do try The Body Business by Gay Yellen!!!

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