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Four: A Divergent Collection Review


Four: A Divergent Collection is Veronica Roth’s Divergent Novellas from Four’s point of view all in one book. There aren’t any chapters in this book, only the beginning to the next Novella. There are four different books, The Transfer, The Initiate, The Son and the Traitor along with three exclusive scenes.

I liked the Divergent trilogy yet it wasn’t my favorite series. I didn’t really enjoy Veronica Roth’s writing style or the characters all the much, however I did like the books just not as much as I enjoyed others. Four wasn’t my favorite Divergent character, I really liked Uriah and Zeke, nevertheless I was still excited about reading these books from his point of view. It’s always interesting to get a story from another characters view. Maybe I would have enjoyed these better if they were from Uriah’s view point, but I don’t think so.

The books didn’t really add much to the story, we did get to know Tobias a little better but not by much. Overall, all four books were the same story only with a tiny bit of a difference since it was from a new view. Out of all of these, The Son was my favorite because we got to see more about Four, Zeke and Shauna. The Son was more unique to the story of Divergent, it had more friendship scenes, a set up awkward date, and how Four became who he is.

Again, Veronica Roth’s writing style isn’t my favorite, it’s still good though! She has some wonderful quotes that sent shivers down my spine, definitely memorable. One of my favorite quotes was from The Traitor, “Fear does not shut you down. It wakes you up.”

The characters were still the ones we know and love, funny, quirky, awesome, evil… Not much new was released about their personalities, who they are and why they became that way but it was still enjoyable to read even if there wasn’t much of a difference.

I would recommend this to fans of Four/Tobias 🙂

Have you read any of these Novellas? Do you have a favorite?


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