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The Brokenhearted (Brokenhearted #1) Book Review


All her life Anthem has followed the rules, trying to live up to her dead sisters ghost. All her life she has worked to be the best she can be, getting the best grades possible and shooting for the roll of Giselle in a ballet performance. Will, her “perfect” boyfriend is the boy all the girls drool over, her life is perfect until one day she goes out and meets Gavin, that’s when her world shatters.

“This world doesn’t need another brokenhearted girl.”

About this MC, Anthem…

She reminds me a lot of this girl, Black Widow from the Avengers movie. Anthem is a kick butt character all because of her fighting drive for revenge and a metal heart. Yes, I said metal heart, which is awesome and weird. One thing I disliked about this book was the fact that the metal heart gave her powers? How does a girl get super strength, and speed from a metal heart? Whatever, because this book made me

Especially near the ending, THAT ENDING even though I saw it coming…

The Brokenhearted reminded me a lot of Gotham, and Batman. Since she is a super hero there has to be crime right? There was a ton of crime in this book, the city seemed corrupt like Gotham City, so many murders and drug dealers that were never caught. Bedlam was like Gotham in that sense, but The Brokenhearted wasn’t a rip off, it was a unique story with a strong main character, female lead.

A part of me was sort of confused as I read this book, it took me a little while to figure out that this was in the future. Somethings were confusing in that sense like the names of drugs and gas the cops would use, but I enjoyed that. The futuristic bit of strange chemicals that do even stranger things kept me intrigued, peaking my interest where the story fell a bit flat. Now, I know above I listed this as Science Fiction but let me warn you, to me this wasn’t totally Science Fiction. Yes she had a metal heart, yes she is a super hero with powers in a futuristic city, but to me it didn’t feel like Science Fiction it felt more along the lines of Paranormal fiction.

The story was written really well, I was pulled in by line one all the way to the end. The way Amelia Kahaney writes is by using a lot of detail to help set up the scene, painting a picture in your brain to help you imagine the whole story like a movie. Somethings happened way to quickly, for example her love with Gavin. Oh Gavin…

She just feel in love with him way to quickly, like WAY to quickly. We never really got to know Gavin he was there one minute kidnapped the rest. This took away from the story because we didn’t get to know Gavin, and she fell in love with him so quickly, he was a flat character. Don’t take this the wrong way please, but why should I care about a character so much if he was in the book for, oh, about 15 or so pages? It just didn’t make sense, and she was so in love with him she would risk her life and other lives multiple times just to save this one boy? IT WAS A WEEK! ONE WEEK! Granted, I have never had a boyfriend or been in love, perhaps this explains her crazy actions but still, I don’t buy it.

Moving on to Will. I liked Will, not liked as in he’s cool but liked as in he made sense. Will was pure evil, and such a good villain, I love a good villain. He stressed me out, oh my gosh he stressed me out so bad. I’m not going to say why to avoid spoilers so allow me to explain Will in a single gif:

He was terrible, terrible, terrible! Not the way he was written, but his personality was so vicious.

Then there was Ford. The Brokenhearted wasn’t so much of a love triangle, more like a square if you ask me, so the whole love thing didn’t bother me (other than the fact that she loved Gavin in a week.) Ford helped her, he saved her life and was always by her side, yet she kept pushing him away. I liked Ford, to him I give this Gatsby gif

This is for you Ford!

Other than the character, I enjoyed this book enough to give it a four despite all the one and two star reviews. So why is that?

I liked Anthem, I LOVED the villains evilness. I enjoyed how the book was written, the style was pretty to read. Anthem met some interesting people, they kept the story going for me and Will’s evil deeds kept me interested as well. The plot was great, I enjoyed the climax and action, her fighting scenes were good too! I guess in short it’s hard to pin point exactly what I loved about this book, but I loved it enough to finish it and scream about that ending.

I would recommend this to people who like super heroes, young adult romance and a slice of Science Fiction

Have you read The Brokenhearted yet? The second book is out already!

Stay classy people!

7 thoughts on “The Brokenhearted (Brokenhearted #1) Book Review

    1. Yeah. Instant love is very meh! Although the love interest wasn’t in it much, it got better :). There are a lot of bad reviews because of how quickly she fell in love and was willing to risk her life for a boy she only met two ish days ago and I agree, that is sort of lame… Everything else was enjoyable though πŸ˜€ I loved the evil people, when a book has lame villian it ruins it for me. The Brokenhearted had EVIL Villian >:D Thank you for the comment ^^!


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