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The Walls Around Us Review


I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!

With the summary of the book it’s easy to tell that The Walls Around Us will be a peculiar almost haunting story. That feeling did live up to expectations as well as exceeded them. It was beautifully written, each sentence as captivating as the next, a wondrous string of words that made you feel and almost see what the characters were going through.

The story switched between two points of views Amber and Vee both of their lives are changed by the whole topic of the story. Ori is a nice, kind human being who always cared for others. Ori the strong on who stands up for her friend Vee, the one who took the blame because someone was too much of a coward to speak the truth. Both are influenced by her in opposite ways and they will never be the same.

Vee is a new kind of character I’ve read about. She’s almost openly selfish, saying mean things about others, bragging about how great of a ballerina she is. Vee doesn’t think of others, only her life, and how bad she has it in her rich familie’s life, in her nice warm home, nice ballerina life. She thinks a girl who’s nice to her, not Ori, is stupid and dumb and thick headed. Really, she’s new. I’ve never read of such a selfish character before.

Amber is the opposite, well almost. She’s the girl in jail for killing her father, for wishing him dead, others think she’s innocent and she claims she is too, it was just coincidence that he died, right? So when Ori gets sent to jail and shows everyone a new kind of person, a nice, selfless one, they all begin to change. Ori makes the world bright again, makes another day worth living for everyone in prison. She’s just that good.

I didn’t feel like The Walls Around Us had much of a plot, nothing happened in over 300 pages, but there was still something captivating about each word, each sentence that kept me reading, even if I wanted to put it down. The plot was the only downside to me reading this, that and the ending was a bit confusing, but it could have been just me.

If you are looking for a book so peculiarly, wonderfully written, then this is the one for you. If you want a mystery woven into a detailed, almost haunting story, here you go. The Walls Around Us may not have a large plot, but it sure does have a lot of heart, wonder, and deep thinking I guess you could say.


6 thoughts on “The Walls Around Us Review

  1. I requested this book on NetGalley the other day (haven’t been approved/declined yet) so it’s interesting for me to read this review. It sounded like such an interesting book from the premise. I’m not a fan of books that seem to have little plot with nothing happening, so I’m not sure whether to still be looking forward to this one or not!

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