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The Queen (The Selection 0.4) Book Review


This Novella was only 61 pages with a preview of The Favorite another Novella coming out this year. The Queen is about Queen Amberly and a little bit about how her love started with King Clarkson. Honestly with only 61 pages there isn’t too much to review but I will try my best!

I LOVE Queen Amberly, she is so sweet, helping to calm people down and care for those close to her. In The Selection series, she was the same, kind, caring, awesome. In The Queen I felt the same way about her, except I felt like…this is going to sound super rude… she was kind of like a puppy to King Clarkson. Amberly did whatever he said with out question, she loved him with out really knowing him and this bothered me.

My problems mostly started when he told Amberly she would look prettier with shorter hair, and she went and cut it, no questions asked! Okay, she let him control how she looked! I can’t stand Clarkson, unlike Maxon he isn’t super sweet, or very nice at all. Clarkson to me was controlling, rude, and I don’t see how she fell in love with him. I know, this is a mini rant it’s just I couldn’t stand how he did that, and how she willingly let him control everything she did! Yes, I don’t like Clarkson one bit.

Other than that I liked The Queen, for 61 pages I felt like it went by fast, not too much happened other than Amberly trying to get Clarkson’s attention. As far as Novellas go, this is the first on I read on my Nook! I love getting insight on the characters we know and love, and the sneak peak of The Favorite about Marlee blew my mind! I LOVE MARLEE she was my favorite character and I am so excited to read about her love with Carter. The first chapter made me want to cry, gosh I love her and Carter together, I love their story, SO EXCITED!!!

Well, there is my tiny review for this tiny book! Have you read any of The Selection Novellas? I’ve read them all so far (except The Favorite which isn’t out)  so if you have any questions feel free to ask 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Queen (The Selection 0.4) Book Review

  1. Yes, I totally know what you mean about Queen Amberly being a puppy (Though I think a puppy could be more disobedient than her)! She could be so annoying at times, doing what ever Clarkson wanted her to. But on the flip side, I think Clarkson is the one with the real problem, in a way he was abusing/bullying her (on a MUCH smaller scale to what he did to Maxon). He was always telling her how imperfect she was, he molded her into who he wanted as a wife.

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    1. True. Clarkson was such a jerk, honestly I don’t know why I thought he would be different when he was younger… He is such a terrible bully :/ and I absolutely could not stand how she could stand it! I get that she loved him but he kept forcing her to change D: like come on girl! Agreed! Clarkson is the problem… can’t wait though to at least see how Maxon will rule in the next books 🙂 should be interesting to compare them!


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