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The Vanishing Girl Review


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Vanishing Girl is a well written action story with teenage characters who can teleport. The whole idea makes me thing of X-Men with a few differences of course.

Every night when Ember goes to sleep the last thing she thinks about she teleports too. Whether its her parents, friends, or even enemies she teleports there for ten minutes at a time. Her ability is a secret she keeps from everyone. So when Ember finds out she’s part of a government program, created by them with this ability, she is forced to go to their camp and work for them for two years. She begins training in classes such as etiquette, weaponry, and self defense and since she’s 18, missions aren’t quite that far away for her. The thing is, she’s not ready. These secrete missions deal with top bad guys the government is after, dangerous missions that require skills she doesn’t think she has. Can she survive this? There are secretes the government is hiding from her, secretes she needs to know, because she is different from the others.

Ember is the main character, a somewhat likable one. She’s not a morning person, thinks independently, and knows how to stand up for herself.

Caden is her love interest, he’s kind of cocky, jokes around, and is so funny that sometimes I just wanted to laugh. His wit is absolutely awesome and I loved that about Ember as well. The two seemed to fit together perfectly, and it wasn’t instant love at all, plus there really is no love triangle. Which made the whole thing ten times better!

I thought this book was young adult but there were some moments that made me go, ‘yeah, this isn’t young adult, this is adult.’ I guess what confused me was that it says it’s under the category of young adult, but in the description is says new adult. I could’ve figured I guess. Some scenes were not rated PG-13 and those parts I skimmed over. Other than that the rest was young adult, and it was perfectly written.

The story was an enjoyable ride filled with mystery, action, and romance. Something I think most people would enjoy. The adult scenes you can skip over if your not comfortable with that, it doesn’t take away from the story. Ember and Caden are likable, witty characters that are just wonderful and their love for each other is nice. And with how this story ended, you will so want to read the next book!

If you like action stories with romance or maybe even stories with supernatural abilities then The Vanishing Girl by Laura Thalassa is for you!


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