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Florence Book Review!!!


When my sister and I were asked to review this book, I knew I had to. Florence has mermaids and I LOVE books with mermaids, so from the start I knew we were going to be best friends. And best friends we were!

Florence is a beautifully written book, with vivid description, incredible world building, wonderful characters and details!

Cho describes her characters so beautifully it’s almost as if you were there. The mermaids sound magical themselves all in vibrant colors, with scales that catch the light, in their world under the sea. Niemela has differences from out own world and I liked that. The mermaids love accomplishment and duty instead of material things like money, they all do their own part in their world. Instead of wearing normal clothes they were things like seaweed and snakes, ate white cakes, and had no interest in the human world. So when Florence was captured and taken to Niemela their world was shaken and order destroyed. Something characters didn’t get along with easily.

Florence was a relatable main character for me. She’s the shy girl in the background, the person no one really notices, the person with few friends. There was only one thing I didn’t really like about her and that was how easily she wanted to stay, not that she had any reason to leave. I felt like if you stumbled upon a world filled with mermaids you would panic a bit more, but, maybe not. Mermaids are super cool, I think maybe you’d be more so in shock and awe at those mystical beings. Anyways, I liked her for the most part.

And the other characters…oh, don’t get me started on the other characters! They are SO cool! For starters Rolan and Kiren are both prince bothers. Rolan is an orange merman, the outside of Niemela, he’s the tough guy. Kiren is the nicer, calmer brother, whom (from what I get) most people liked, he’s the yellow-green merman with nice spiky blonde hair. For some reason when I thought of him, I thought of Jesse from Tuck Everlasting, they both were just so good and nice…Finally there was Yolee the sister of the two brothers, a pale blue, curly haired mermaid who’s really nice!

There were some parts of the story that went without explanation that I’m sure will be explained in the next book. A book I can’t wait to read, mermaid books for the win!

If you want a fantasy book that takes place in a magical world under the sea, if you want a book with mermaids or adventure then Florence is the book for you! A book I recommend!

For more information about the series, and if you want to buy it, go here:

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