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Melt Book Review


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for a review.

Melt is about Dorothy and Joey, rotating point of views between the two. Joey’s chapters are written in verse, while Dorothy’s are written like a normal book so we get a better look into both sides of the story. Melt is a love story about a boy from a broken home and a girl who wants to ease his pain, to fall in love with him and help set him free.

Some people really can’t stand rotating chapters, they feel like they take away from the story, well it’s safe to say that in Melt, the changing view points didn’t hurt the story one bit. Reading from Joey’s view, the chapters went by quickly, and since it was written in verse, it only brought out more about his character. The broken, rough lines, the way Selene Castrovilla wrote his chapters was very beautiful, very poetic but very heart breaking to me. Joey’s family suffered from an abusive father, although most of his fathers anger was taken out on his mother it still made me sad, and even more so when I found out that this was in fact based on a true story about Selene’s boxing teacher.

Dorothy’s chapters were more detailed, and more along the lines of a normal story. Reading from her point of view took more time since it wasn’t written with the speed and style of Joey’s chapters. I enjoyed both types of chapter because it gave us insight into what each person was thinking, and how their love or thoughts in general were developing. We got to see Joey struggle with his feelings for Dorothy and try his hardest to push her away, to not fall in love with her so that he wouldn’t hurt her. Honestly, this book was beautifully written and I devoured it.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars because while it was good, it isn’t my favorite kind of book. I’m not used to young adult contemporary romances, but for this being one of the few I’ve ever read it really makes me want to go and read some more. The characters, the writing style, the descriptions, emotions and speed. Melt had me laying on the ground, rolling around with tears in my eyes.

I wasn’t prepared for the ending, for the final chapters, the climax, all so wonderfully written. Sure, the book may take a while to pick up and yes, there was some instant love but what Dorothy and Joey had was actually real, a real book, a real live story. There was no love triangle which is an obvious plus, and even if love was the main point for this story it didn’t hurt.

Overall, Melt is a wonderful book about love, rotating chapters and writing style. I recommend it to any one who loves a quick and easy read dealing with romance.

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