Book War!!!

Book War 2015!!!

Woot Woot! Another Book War list! Last year, Angelina and I battled it out, who could read the most books in one year? Well, needless to say, Angelina won by about 20 books. We will see who wins this year! The goal is to read as many books as possible and review them πŸ™‚ we will be posting reviews once they are published so keep checking back! We will be creating a few more posts like this for the Book Challenges we are taking part of this year, so woo hoo more posts!

**NOTE*** Most of these reviews are published, so the titles take you to our reviews. If the color isn’t green than the review isn’t available yet :)**

Here we go:

Brianna’s Completed Books

  1. The Blackwell Family Secret: The Guardians of Sin
  2. The Queen (Selection Novella)
  3. Β Four (a collection of Divergent Novellas)
  4. The Lightning Theif
  5. Melt
  6. Henge: Le Fay
  7. Fangirl
  8. The Seeker
  9. The Haunting of Miss Sunshine Girl
  10. Sacrificed
  11. Crown of Midnight
  12. The Sea of Monsters
  13. The Darkest Part of the Forest
  14. Ever Darkening
  15. The Titan’s Curse
  16. Fairest (Lunar Chronicles Novella)
  17. The Battle of the Labyrinth
  18. The Last Olympian
  19. The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley
  20. Spelled
  21. My Heart and Other Black Holes
  22. Supervision
  23. White Cat
  24. The Glass Arrow
  25. A Magic Dark and Bright
  26. Red Glove
  27. Landline
  28. The Sin Eaters Daughter
  29. A Monster Calls
  30. Transformed
  31. 5 to 1
  32. Sirens Fury
  33. Gathering Frost
  34. Flunked
  35. Simon vs The Homo-sapiens Agenda
  36. Charisma
  37. Love Fortunes and Other Distasters
  38. Hello, I love You
  39. Spelled

More coming soon!

Angelina’s Completed Books:

  1. Savor
  2. How I Fall
  3. Moth in the Mirror
  4. Night School: Genesis
  5. Portal 24 – no review
  6. Perfected
  7. The Vanishing Girl
  8. Red Queen: Substrate Wars
  9. Florence
  10. Β The Walls Around Us
  11. The Body Buisness
  12. Firefight
  13. Luminaire
  14. Darkness
  15. The Archived
  16. Some Quite Place
  17. An Ember in the Ashes
  18. They All Fall Down
  19. Brooklyn Bridge
  20. Mitosis (The Reckoners Novella)
  21. Captive
  22. The Inquisitor’s Mask
  23. Bomb
  24. The Day Human Prince
  25. The Girl at Midnight
  26. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
  27. The Third Twin
  28. Half Bad
  29. Half Wild
  30. Ininifty (Chronicles of Nick #1)
  31. The Ghosts of Heaven
  32. Fairy Keeper
  33. Forged (Taken #3)
  34. Inked
  35. Invincible (Chronicles of Nick #2)
  36. The Cage
  37. Liars In.
  38. Daughter of Deep Silence
  39. A Living Nightmare (Cirque Du Freak #1)
  40. Infamous (Chronicles of Nick #3)
  41. Bone Gap
  42. Duplicity

More coming soon!


6 thoughts on “Book War 2015!!!

    1. Haha XD awww! I’m sure you could beat her ^^ I think it’s just a fun way to keep track of all the books you read throughout the year.


    1. Aw πŸ™‚ Thank you very much! I’m going to try my hardest to win ^_^ Thank you for the comment :)! Kiera Cass is awesome, are you excited for The Heir?


  1. My sister’s keeepr. My sister’s keeepr is an amazing book!! I am reading it right now and am almost done. There are only positive things to say about this book. However, there are cuss words in this book, just so you all know. If you are looking for an amazing book, then I would recommend this book to everyone!! I am ,like, in love with this book ❀ . If you need a book to read to meet your A/R goal then I would read this book. This book is a little bit longer, but it is totally worth it!! This book is 18.00 points. And I believe it is a 5.6 range, but I could be wrong. Thank you for reading this!! Leave a comment


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