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Top 14 of 2014: Top 14 Characters!

2014 was full of great stories and wonderful characters. Heroes that made us cheer for them, villains that made us cringe or just like them. Books with stories that we couldn’t put down, books that made us cry and laugh. None of this was possible without that characters and the totally awesome authors who wrote them and brought them to life. So, thanks for making us love some characters! Here’s our top 14 characters for 2014, if you want to join too, sign up at Krista’s Dust Jacket!

1. The Darkling fromΒ  Shadow and Bone (he’s on several of out lists right now!)

2. Enzo fro The Young Elites (not only does he have a cool name, but awesome style too!)

3. Cullen from Storm Siren

4. Gansey from The Raven Boys (he’s just so good!)

5. Adam from The Raven Boys

6. Maxon from The Selection

7. Alyssa from Splintered

8. Cora from In The Land of Gold

in the land of gold

9. Gray from Frozen/Taken

10. David from Steelheart (he’s got a lot of motavation…)

11. Jacob from The Peculiar Children Series

12. Michael from the Eye of Minds (a cool character in an action packed book? I think yes!)

13. Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars (He’s just that good.)

14. Adelina from The Young Elites (A tough, cool main character.)

So, what are you top 14 characters for 2014? I’d love to hear them too.


8 thoughts on “Top 14 of 2014: Top 14 Characters!

  1. MAXON! Goodness gracious, I love him. There are quite a few books on your list that are on my TBR (The Young Elites, Splintered, Storm Siren). I love the images you chose too! Thanks for participating!


    1. Me too :D! He is so sweet, isn’t he? You should really read Storm Siren, well okay, ALL three of those are AMAZING and definitely some of my favorites from this year πŸ™‚ Thank you!!!


  2. GANSEY! He’s so adorable. I totally agree with him being one of the top characters of 2014. David is also amazing as well. I forgot how great he was. πŸ™‚


    1. Well, thank you for writing the wonderful book that made it on the list :)! Haha, I hope you enjoy the books πŸ™‚ all of them are so good!!!


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