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Daisy McDare And The Deadly Art Affair Reveiw


I received a review copy from the author it doesn’t effect my review at all.

Daisy McDare And The Deadly Art Affair was a nice, short, mystery that only took me an hour or so to read. I read pretty quickly but my quick reading wasn’t what kept me reading. What kept me reading was the wonderful way the story was written. Daisy had such a good voice as a character, her thoughts, and feelings were portrayed throughout the story and added to it as well. The mystery itself was very lighthearted, not quite intense but nice all the same. Writing a story around a mystery is always a hard thing to do and K.M. Morgan does it very well. The only thing the story really was missing was evidence. Most of it was just Daisy talking to the other characters trying to get them to confess to something. Yet the lack of evidence and heart pounding moments just made me like the story more. Daisy McDare And The Deadly Art Affair wasn’t one of those heartbreaking stories that you have to put down because its just too intense, nope, its a nice, well written story that keeps you interested without scaring you to death.

The name of the main character, Daisy McDare is just such a nice name too. For some reason it suits her so much and adds to the lighthearted feeling of the whole thing. Doesn’t Daisy McDare sound like a nice name? I sure think it does. Anyways, like I said I LOVED her voice and character. She loves sweet food, eating, has a really cute sounding dog, and struggles with romance.

Romance is another part of the story, not a terribly huge part, yet I enjoyed that factor.

Overall the whole story makes me think of good old Nancy Drew, a game and story I read a lot of as a kid.

You’d like Daisy McDare And The Deadly Art Affair if you like mysteries, lighthearted, romantic stories!

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