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Book Discussion – Villains!

Every story has a Villain, and they don’t necessarily have to be human. Death, depression, monster in our thoughts all can be considered a bad guy, but what is the best kind of Baddie out there? And what makes a Villain bad?

I thought this would be an interesting discussion topic since a lot of people feel differently on this. What makes a Villain for you and who is the best Villain (one you like or one you can’t stand)?

Sometimes I actually like Villains, like Loki from Thor I mean come on, he can be so funny!!! Not all Villains are totally evil, sometimes they are just misunderstood, or misinformed, just people trying to make a change. An example of one of these characters is right on the tip of my tongue but I can’t remember exactly who it would be! You get the idea right?

I really like the Darkling (I have only read the first book at the moment), he is evil… but in the beginning he was charming. I haven’t read the other books yet so maybe my opinion will end up changing, I’m not sure yet…

There are of course, incredibly 100% evil baddie bad guys. The kind of character that makes your blood boil, the one that hurts your head and irritates you like a mosquito that wont go away!!! For me this is when they deny others happiness or try to destroy the world for some sort of selfish reason like have their boyfriend break up with them.

Augustine from Infamous Second Son is my number one example of this kind of Villain, but she’s from a video game.

The bad guy that annoys Angelina is either Teren from The Young Elites or Adelinas father, both annoyed her to death!

So now it’s your turn. What is your definition of a Villain? And if you had to pick a Bad Guy you dislike (or like!) who would that be for you? Let us know in the comments, as always we love to read your thoughts!


7 thoughts on “Book Discussion – Villains!

  1. Warner from the Shatter Me series is my favorite book villain. He is just amazing, complex, nuanced, cruel and loving and crazy and brilliant all at the same time!
    And of course I also love Loki 😀


    1. Haha I knew someone would mention Warner! I haven’t finished the Shatter Me trilogy but I must! All of those things are true haha :)! Loki for the win, woot woot!!! Thanks for the comment :)!!

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  2. Awesome topic! Villains can make or break a book for me sometimes. They don’t work for me if they’re being evil just to be evil. I need them to be humanized in some form. I agree with you that Loki is an awesome villain. I also really love to hate Malcolm Danvers from Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series.


    1. Yeah, I agree a villain can’t be bad just because! They need a reason that makes the reader feel something towards them. I’ve never read The Otherworld series but it sounds good. Thanks for the comment ^^

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