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105 Reading Challenge

I know, I know another reading challenge you ask? My answer: sure! Why not? This one is hosted by Readwritelove28 and the rules are simple… 105 books comes from 12 months added to 11, 10, 9, ect. So here is what I choose to do:

I’m going to try and read…

14 Books on my TBR shelf

13 Books by Authors I’ve read before


12 New 2015 releases

11 Ebooks

the haunting of sunshine girl henge le fay melt blackwell family secet defy

10 Series (Continue/Finish)

9 Fantasy Stories

8 Science Fiction

7 Debut Books

6 Novellas

the queen

5 Books with orange covers

4 Books with blue covers


3 Books about Princesses!!!

2 Books with purple covers

1 Book my sister read 🙂

OH COME ON 2015! I am so ready for you! I am super excited for this, this list kind of reminds me of the 12 Days of Christmas haha 🙂


6 thoughts on “105 Reading Challenge

  1. I don’t have the greatest track record with challenges so I usually avoid them but this one seems fun (and do-able)! I might just have to join in! Good luck in 2015!


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