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Tiger Lily


tiger lily

I picked up this book really not knowing much about it, just that Tiger Lily had Peter Pan as one of the characters and it was an emotional book. Really I didn’t have high hopes for it (or any hopes really) all I wanted was a good book. I think I got that, for the most part. Although, I am not one for romantic stories. Still though I love Peter Pan and this had him in it so I was going to read it.

The book revolves around Tiger Lilys relationship with her tribe, the Sky Eaters, and the Lost Boys (as well as Peter). All of this is told through Tinker Bells point of view as she watches the event happen around Tiger Lily during her immortal life (because no one ages in Neverland). I loved the way she told the story she had her own voice through the whole book, there was just something so good about Tinker Bell telling the story it’s hard to explain.

Never did it get really dull because Tiger Lily was always doing something, she’s one who cannot sit still. So she was always doing something worth reading (or so I believe!)

I loved the characters in this book because they bring back all the old ones from the animated movie of Peter Pan. The characters included most of the ones from the movie too.

There was Peter Pan (of course!)


Well, not that Peter but they did have the original one!


Of course there was Wendy, The Lost Boys, Captain Hook his sidekick Smee, Tinker Bell and of course the mainish character Tiger Lily!!!!!!!

tiger lily chara

Tiger Lily seemed a bit different from the movie version (from what I remember). She was a tough outcast, cunning, stealthy and she liked to be tough. Perhaps this is because the movie seems to be more from Wendys point of view rather then Peters or Tiger Lilys. Another difference was that in the book there was an English man named Phillip I don’t remember him in the movie at all.

Yes, this book had romance in it with the love triangle (of sorts) and tragic events keeping the two lovers apart. Really this book got to be incredibly sad at times more so as you near the end. I’m not going to spoil what they are but things really get bad and depressing. I think the saddest part was the last page, sweet yet sour all at the same time.

If you like romantic stories, sad ones or retelling of classic stories then this is the book for you!


3 thoughts on “Tiger Lily

  1. Since like you like Peter Pan retellings you might like Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen. I love them too and found Alias Hook very enjoyable. I’ve been thinking about Tiger Lilly. Thanks for the review.


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