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The Retribution of Mara Dyer Review


Arrived it has!!!! Before I start reviewing can I get some applause over here?

Thank you, thank you. Seriously The Retribution of Mara Dyer was a book I have been waiting for ever since I started the series. It was entertaining, dark at some points and absolutely wonderful at others.

From page one I was hit with revelation, horror, shock and filled with so many questions it was so hard to put down. For the first half of the book you were forced to sit on the edge of your seat, too afraid to lean forward any more in fear that you would fall off your chair. That is literally how it worked out with me.

The story is still told in Maras point of view, the same old Mara we know, love, and maybe even fear. Her character has changed so much since the first novel she is no longer the innocent girl she thought she once was, she has transformed. The events from previous books still haunt her, persuade her decisions, make her a new darker character. Almost like she is a character to be feared. Perhaps she should be.

Mara’s fears, hopes and anger could be felt by the reader as she took you along for the ride. Fear was almost always present and was so greatly written that I could practically imagine being there. Questions remain with you until the very end where suddenly most everything makes sense.

Sadly, some things don’t. There are questions remaining at the end like what did he mean by this? Or what did so and so get from this? No spoilers but some things are left unanswered. Most main points to the story are put to a nice end.

*Possible spoilers…* Old characters are brought back, Stella, Noah, Mara (of course) Jamie, as well as Jude and their bonds are apparent. Their memories from previous books wound together wonderfully!

Also, I didn’t mention it but the story is told from Noahs point of view and you get to see the story from his side. I didn’t realize he had such dark thoughts (it’s been a while since I read the last book) but that quick change is a very nice one!

*End possible spoiler*.

I don’t think words can describe how I quite feel right now. If I had to pick some I guess they would be, shocked, excited, horrified, sad, happy. Pretty much every emotion you can feel I felt when reading this final book.

The Retribution of Mara Dyer was the BEST third book I’ve ever read. I don’t think I’ve ever been this thrilled when reading a book other than Variant by Robison Wells, but that was another exceptional book. Stakes and emotions were held high throughout the book.

As great as it was, I felt like there were some slow parts to the book right in the middle, but the beginning and end made up for that.

I must warn you there are some adultish moments in this book near the ending (I kinda skimmed them) so if you aren’t comfortable with that then I would just skim it. It’s not a big part of the book either ^-^

You would like the Mara Dyer series if you read the previous books in the series, if you like darker stories and stories with super powers!

My final reaction:

If I HAD to pick a cast for the characters I would say she would be Mara:

And Noah (although he looks a little bit older than I imagined him…)

Alex Pettyfer!!!!!!

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