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Unhinged Review


Really, I loved the first book Splintered and I was so excited to read the second book so I got it as soon as I could. Honestly though, I am a bit disappointed. This book takes place a few years after the first one and in those few years Alyssa (spoilers) still hasn’t told Jeb that they went to Wonderland, that Red has escaped, that she has magic and wings… (end spoilers) thats kind of upsetting. Still Alyssa has yet to go back to Wonderland. Even in the 387 pages of this book she still hasn’t gone back to Wonderland. This whole second book is really only about the love triangle between Alyssa, Jeb and Morpheus. There are some moments where (spoiler) the evil Sister Two enters Alyssas world and they fight (end spoiler) but that is it. Really its disappointing I was hoping she would at least get to Wonderland. Nope. Not happening. Why don’t we explore love triangles for 387 pages? Sounds good right? I guess, if you like love triangles, or romantic stories. Other then that I still love the characters. Alyssa is a cool main girl character. Jebs another good artist and Morpheus is just plain awesome in all his Wonderlandness. Evil characters seem threatening and scary so there’s no complaints there. Also A. G. Howard sure knows how to create some unique characters such as Chessie and the flowers from book one. Overall this book was okay. If you want action or adventure like the first book you don’t really get it as much in the second. Unhinged is more of a love story adding to the characters of Jeb and Morpheus, which makes me wonder who Alyssa really will chose. Like I said, if you liked the first book Splintered, love triangles or Wonderland then you will like this book.

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  1. Your works are truly inspirational, Jon. My freidns and I are like from half way around the world and we can’t just help but notice your works. We are a bunch of part time film makers and graphic designers who get inspiration from awesome people like you. Keep rockin’ and God bless you more!


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