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The Paris Mysteries (Confessions #3) Review


This is book three in the Confessions series, if you haven’t read book two check out my review: here

If you haven’t read book one then I suggest you start there, these books would make more sense going in order. ^^

When I first heard about this new series by James Patterson I heard it was supposed to take on the same kind of fame his other series, Maximum Ride, did. Reading these books I am seriously disappointed, my hopes were a little too high, but still who doesn’t like a good mystery every once in a while?

This book wasn’t so mysterious…

More than half of the book was all about Tandy and her love for James, how great he is, how much she misses him, how much she loves him. She is depressed because *spoiler* he left her in the dust as soon as they met in Paris *end spoiler.* Who the heck does that? Come on Tandy please move on and live a happy life in Paris.

But she can’t because everyone is after the Angles, no one ever leaves them alone, and she is always one for a mystery. When really the real mystery….what is the mystery?

Well, The Paris Mysteries didn’t really have a mystery. At least not one I could pick up on, just the question of *spoiler* who wanted to kill the Angle family? *end spoiler* Really, is that a terrible, thrilling mystery? It can be at some points, while at others I was seriously wondering when it was going to pick up pace.

Did it? Not really, near the end there were some thrills and chills but not much. I feel like this doesn’t live up to the other two books in the series, or even Maximum Ride for that.

Don’t get me wrong when I say I didn’t like this book, or that it was terrible uneventful, I still think it’s a series worth reading. I feel like the next book might make up for what this one lacks, so if you like the other two books, why not read this one? I mean, hey, what could possibly go wrong?


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