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The Lost Review


Oh. My. Gosh! I first decided to read this book because of this authors other story called Eat Slay Love… Well I thought that book sounded weird so I picked up The Lost instead because I heard she was a wonderful author. They were right, she is a very great author! The Lost is a story about a girl who drives through a sand storms and ends up just that, Lost. She finds herself in another world where in order to leave you must first find what you lost. The whole idea of this world gives me the goosebumps. So that is where the paperclip I lost went. Huh! Cool!

I loved everything about this book, there were only two things I didn’t like so much about this book. 1) Most of the story is composed of setting, describing the piles of lost items. Telling us how the sun looks as it sets over the desert or painting the night sky into our minds. Don’t get me wrong, her descriptions are absolutely wonderful, so amazing and well written I loved it, others not so much. So that is just a fair warning, not so bad if you ask me! And 2) It took me a bit before I got interested. The beginning was interesting, but the way the first chapter was written turned me away a little bit. I’m not entirely sure why it did that for me, but I was entirely glad I kept on reading. This book did not disappoint me. It was a roller coaster of emotions, I laughed. I cried. I smiled. I shivered. Gosh did I enjoy this story.

It was fun for me. I loved guessing what people lost. I loved the different types of characters, how odd and crazy and awesome they all were. I loved the creepiness and desperate measures people would go through in order to be found. From the Missing Man to The Finder, this book owns it! For me, the whole premise, again, was incredibly interesting and thought provoking. I loved the idea of the Missing Man, and The Finder, complete opposites but both are needed. Ok, enough rambling on and on.

I recommend this book to most everyone. The only downside was those two mentioned above, if you dislike endless vivid description of landscape then no, you might not like this story. If you like interesting ideas and crazy, nutty characters, hey read The Lost! Like me, you might find that you really enjoy it!!!!


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