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In the Land of Gold review


We received this book to review from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

In The Land of Gold is the first book I would classify as Adult that I actually enjoyed the whole way through. Typically I don’t read these kinds of stories, they just never really appealed to me. Now, I might reconsider that whole I’m not a fan of Adult literature because I really loved this story! Oh, and one more thing this book didn’t have many Adult themes in my opinion, the only reason I categorize it as Adult is because all the characters are adults. 🙂

The way Angela Christina Archer wrote the story was really amazing, and so beautifully written. Maybe it’s because I am reading two other books at the moment, The Iliad by Homer and Love is the Drug by Alaya Dawn Johnson but out of these three choices, I would rate this one as my top read. She has a way with words, I am having trouble finding a single word to describe exactly how I feel about her writing style so I will just settle with fantastic.

The book made me feel a lot like little Rapunzel above, so dreamy and wonderfully written!

Moving on…

The characters in this book were also amazing, I felt like they all had a greater purpose to the story instead of coming in one moment and never again. Each character was different, they all seemed to want different things for each other, all had their own unique set of behaviors and attitudes, which is awesome.

I loved Cora, the main character, she is a strong female lead and not only that, but she changed as the story went on. Starting as a proper girl with an overcontrolling mother, she shaped into a more independent, strong woman. Okay, so I didn’t only love Cora, I really loved all the characters…

All of the places she got to visit where amazing too. Canada sounds lovely, I want to go there one day :O… Her adventure was a good one, and I definitely recommend it. I didn’t have any problems with the book other than Cora not listening to Flynn when he kept warning her and the main bad guy wasn’t really a big part of the book. I guess you could say nature was more of the enemy here and getting yourself from one city to another far, far away, exhaustion could be included as a villain.

Another thing that bothered me a bit was that I felt like there wasn’t enough plot. This is probably because I’m used to super complex plots dealing with alien cyborgs and elves from other worlds all mashed into a single book on mars, or in short this isn’t the normal genre I read. The majority of the story was them making it from one city to another and danger of whatever Mother Nature threw their way!

In the Land of Gold was a really good read, it’s only 200 pages but it definitely is worth your time. The characters, the writing style and plot are all enough to make you fall in love with this story. So if you have time and need a book to read, try out this one. I recommend to people who love both Young Adult and Adult books as well as romance and adventure.

Have you read this book yet? 🙂


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