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The Young Elites Review


The Young Elites is a new kind of story, in my opinion. One with a new type of character, chilling back story, and awesome super powered teens. A story filled with twists and turns it’s almost like your on a roller coaster. A never ending, really cool roller coaster.

Not only are the characters names beautiful they are all diverse in their own ways, mainly the main character Adelina. She is a new type of character who, *spoiler* is surrounded by her inner darkness, she’s almost like Light from Death Note, good ins some ways, evil in others *end spoiler. This is a new interesting take on a story, one I haven’t read most of. Also this book has no love triangles which is absolutely awesome.

Description and detail in The Young Elites is absolutely perfect, imagine a movie in your head and there you go.

If you love fantasy, supernatural books with new takes on characters then you should so read The Young Elites.


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