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Goodreads Choice Awards!!!!

The Goodreads Choice Awards 2014 Winners are now up! If you want to see the full list just click on the title ^^

Brianna and I are more so readers in the young adult genre but there were some good winners from there as well as choices. My favorite winners are the ones in the categories Memoir/Autobiography, Debut Goodreads Author, young Adult Fiction, as well as the Science Fiction winner because I want to read that book soooooo bad!


4 thoughts on “Goodreads Choice Awards!!!!

    1. The graphic novel winner looked interesting, I was surprised it wasnt Attack on Titan though since it is so popular. I agree, I was hoping the Kiss of Deception would win 😦 same with Half Bad. But there were a lot of good winners 🙂 thank you for the comment!!

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      1. Yeah, I think the Goodreads Choice Award is flawed. Mostly because (and I’m guilty of this myself) people who might not have read any of the books in some of the genres still vote for a book. So it’s not really accurate since half the votes could just be indications of a well written synopsis or pretty cover. 😛

        I’ve heard a lot of great things about Attack on Titan too. I need to eventually check it out. Same with Saga.


      2. Yeah, I agree with you on that. Every year I vote I know like four books, and like that is it… so I do just that… I usually pick the one that sounds the coolest like The Book of Life!
        Attack on Titan is a good story but, I will warn you it is VERY bloody as well. I don’t handle blood well so I had to stop reading the series after book 4 or 5. Saga looks cool :)!

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