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Secret Santa Fun!

Brianna and I participated in The Brook and the Bookish Secret Santa’s 5th year and it was lots of fun! Not only do you send gits of books and such to others, but you get some in return like a book exchange, it’s an awesome idea! We got out books from Deanna Writes who sent us some really awesome books (whom you can also like on Facebook and follow on Blogspot). We just wanted to thank her for the gits and nice tea (it’s SO yummy).


From her as you can see, we got two awesome sauce books! We received Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo and Bound to You by Christopher Pike, two amazing authors, two equally amazing books. We got a couple of bookmarks, a pressed flower one, a large one with quotes, a I ❤ books one and a buy local pin. Along with those we were sent a ton of different types of tea, now let me tell you I LOVE TEA! Tea is wonderful, tea is great, I could drink it all day no joke! Put Tea and Books together, what do you get? A WONDERFUL gift :)! Oh and a sweet card and yummy candy cane, thank you Deanna Writes for such an amazing gift, and for warming up my day yesterday. Two thumbs up to you!

Are you taking part in The Secret Santa this year? Angelina and I will be posting a picture of our mad wrapping skills shortly, just a few minor things to get before we send it off! An early Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

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