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Quantum Coin (fair Coin book 2) Review


Quantum Coin is the second book to Fair Coin, and I think the last since no other has been announced (to my knowledge). First I would love to start off by expressing my love for Fair Coin. In my other review, I went on and on about how much I loved it and how it wasn’t your typical YA cookie cutter novel. This is so true, even for Quantum Coin, but Quantum Coin was in my opinion, not needed. Fair Coin would have been better off had it been an only book, the ending pretty much wrapped things up. However, I must admit Quantum Coin did manage to explain a lot about the Charon device, and the whole travel between worlds deal.

Traveling between worlds was a really cool concept to me. I enjoyed how each of the characters reacted differently to the new worlds, how they acted to one another, how they were unique yet analogs of each other. However I disliked how they acted, it is a conflicting feeling… Lets admit it, if we had the power to travel to parallel universes, would our parents really just go with it? Eph’s mom isn’t a very good parent, but nevertheless she gives him permission to travel between worlds in a few sentences. It’s to easy. Every character goes with it to quickly, there is no doubt, no hesitation, nothing. *Tiny Spoiler, early on… even when his twin friends Mary and Shelly (love their names haha) combine into one person due to the merging of worlds Nathan, Jena, and Eph don’t even freak out. They kind of just act like… “Oh, look they are one person now… cool.” Yes Jena does cry but no, she doesn’t cry for long. That felt unnatural to me, like he missed the whole confusing feeling part. The part where people normally would freak our and run in circles, or scream or something. None of the characters did that. Eph and Zoe were used to it, but Jenna and Hugh were not.

I felt like the story was very interesting but lacked in some places. Their wasn’t a bad guy, there was no villain, just opposing ideas.  That was interesting but still, I do love evil villains!

I didn’t like the ending for a reason I won’t go into to avoid major spoilers. The characters moved on to easily, they separated and came together and the “bad guy” gave up just like that. No fight, no epic battle or cool last words.

This is a 3/5 book for me mostly because it was good. I enjoyed the characters and their uniqueness, their flaws, their human like qualities. E. C. Myers has a really good writing style, not my favorite but close. I love his descriptions and witty, fast paced dialog. I enjoyed the plot for what it’s worth, which is a lot.

Read this book if you enjoy unique story, realistic yet science fiction like plots, and by far cool characters.




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