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Rooms by Lauren Oliver Review


First I would just like to say that I am a fan of Lauren Oliver. I loved her Delirium books, to me the idea was fantastic and it was very well written. Lauren Oliver is a young adult author, and she has a few young reader books so Rooms is her first adult book. Not to be rude but I think she should just stick with young adult books. Delirium was amazing but Rooms, Rooms fell short of everything I thought it would be. There was nothing I liked about it, so why did I read it?

I am not sure…

I just wanted to know more about the three Ghosts, Sandra, Alice and for sake of keeping this spoiler free I will not name the third ghost. Throughout the story Sandra warns us about Alice and not to trust her. Why? Why shouldn’t we trust her? My feelings on this were along the lines of OH MY GOSH WHAT DID SHE DO ifjgvlnkcfdmxs?

What she did do wasn’t something I would have wanted. To me it didn’t make her seem like an evil ghost, although it was a terrible thing to do, it wasn’t like she was some evil mastermind or something. I really wanted Alice to be an evil mastermind…

Oh and that part where the summary says “When a new ghost appears, and Trenton begins to communicate with her, the spirit and human worlds collide—with cataclysmic results.” If you read it, tell me when this happens. Because when I read Rooms I was expecting some Apocalyptic book with ghosts merging with the human world and some terrible, horrible events. Nope. Notta. This book has no catastrophic event dealing with the two worlds, maybe in the last 5o or so pages a few things happened involving Trenton, but over all nothing. I had high hopes for this book, but there was no big boom, no great event. Just a family with some messed up problems.

Speaking of the family, let me talk characters.

Where to start….

This book rotates POVs so we see the story through Minna, Trenton, Amy, Sandra, Alice and Caroline. These characters are unique and maybe a little more human along the line of flaws and human problems. They aren’t perfect because no one is perfect. Minna is a sex addict, Trenton is depressed, Amy and Sandra have there own problems (don’t worry, no spoilers.) Caroline is always drunk… However this didn’t make the book any better. In fact I think it made it worse.

Every chapter seemed to be the same thing. Minna was always unhappy trying to find another man, Trenton was always depressed, and Caroline was always drinking. When it came to plot not much else happened unless it was from Sandra or Alice’s POV and even then there wasn’t much.

Alice and Sandra often dealt with flash backs, memories of when they were living. This kept me interested though, I wanted to know how they ended up dead, what there lives where like and why they were attached to the house. To me, they were the only interesting characters other then Trenton.

I liked Trenton, he was one of the main characters of the story I actually liked. He was a huge factor in the plot even if there was no catastrophic event. He could hear the ghosts and he wanted to talk with the third, new ghost. Except (mini spoilers) he kept trying to commit suicide. (end mini spoilers.) Look, suicide is a HUGE problem today with over 40,000 Americans taking their lives each year ( and I have strong feelings about it, I think most people do, if not all. So I would just like to warn you about that in case.

I just wished they did more then just sit around.  Which is what I felt the plot was to me.

Rooms is an adult book I would just like to remind you readers. It is adult because of Minna and a whole lot of swearing if you ask me, not to mention most of the characters, all but Trenton and Amy, are adults…. So if you don’t like or can’t stand adult books then Rooms isn’t for you. If you do enjoy adult books, by all means read it. I just don’t read adult books that often.

You may also like Rooms if you like revolving POVs, and paranormal fiction.

So I might recommend it to a few people, but to most I wouldn’t really. It just didn’t live up to me view on Lauren Oliver.

*I’m not saying she is a bad author 🙂 I just didn’t like Rooms.



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