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A Little Something Different Review


**Please note, I didn’t hate this book, it actually did have good elements too it! The story was cute, just not what I was expecting. There are others who did enjoy this book, I was just not one of them. Please check out Sandy Halls book and decided for yourself just how you feel about A Little Something Different, my view is one of many.**

So yeah… where to start with this book… I guess with the fact that I did NOT fall in love with this book, in fact it might be up there with my least favorite. Next to nothing happened in the book, so many repeated lines and uninteresting events…

I was attracted to this book because it was called a unique love story (oh and can’t forget that they mention the squirrel in this description!) The idea of everyone wanting Gabe and Lea to get together sounds so adorable, I am sad to say it was far from that.

Maybe I am just grumpy, but this book lacked everything. The characters were as flat as pancakes, so so so so SO boring. I wanted and tried, very hard to enjoy Lea and Gabes “cute” love but found myself losing interest in the book. Ok, so there love was cute, but not that cute, not like Hazel and Gus (The Fault in Our Stars) or Jacob and Emma (Peculiar Children series,) they were your typical lovers. Nothing made them unique and most of there arguments were over misunderstandings that should have been explained early on.

This story is told from 14 different POVs, normally this doesn’t bother me, but for this book it irritated me. I don’t mind changing POVs, I tend to like them as a matter of fact.  In a Little Something Different we get 14 POVs with little to no point. The Squirrel, a random Bus Driver, a Bench… these and many other pointless POVs made me upset. Every single character lacked any differing emotions, they were all exactly the same with a few minor, forgettable differences. The changing point of views left me wondering just who this person was again, and if they had not put descriptions next to the names of each chapter I may have been scratching my head in confusion. The line between different characters was blurred, mushing them all into one boring person. We never really get much of a sense of what one single character thinks.

That is mainly my huge rant, my biggest problems with this book are above. However I did have a few more problems which I will explain in more detail now.

The plot, main problem. A book like this needs a plot, an interesting plot. Nope. Not in this book, the same events are given to us only in different ways of writing it. They meet at Starbucks, they don’t say anything, the narrator stalks them, ect. 99% of this book was that and the never ending dialogue of eavesdroppers. Even their conversations lacked anything interesting, except for a few actually funny jokes.

I am hugely disappointed by this book as a fan of romance and cute books like this was supposed to be. So why in the world did I give this book a 2/5 stars instead of a one?

I’ve read worse, this book is not that terrible that I would give it a one. I did enjoy trying to figure out what happened to Gabe, though this was very predictable, and the Squirrel was kind of cute. I liked the idea of Gabe and Lea, just not all the stalking and spying each character (EVEN THE BENCH) did.

I don’t think I would really recommend this book, however a lot of people I have seen on goodreads did enjoy the book. So if I were to recommend this, I would have someone who likes a short easy read or romance kind of stories.

If you do end up reading A Little Something Different, or if you already have read it please let me know what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts on this 🙂

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