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Falls the Shadows Review!!!!


First of all let me just say the cover of this book is really interesting to look at. Most of it looks like a face, one that stares off into the distance, thinking something probably very deep. Yet the more you look at it the more you see, or at least I saw. The shadows that come from the text form an angrier looking, screaming face. Now if you saw this when you first looked at the cover, I applaud you because I didn’t notice it until a week or so after I got the book.

I found this book while looking for something to read, rather desperately I put a hold on it at the library not really understanding what it was about. All I knew was one simple thing and it was this:

(Somewhat spoiler?)

The line in the summary that talks about clone, Violet, when it says, ‘she also might have murdered the most popular girl in school.’

(End somewhat spoiler?)

That line is what got me hooked on this book. I’m the type of person who goes for chilling tales filled with action. Is this what you get in Falls the Shadow? Yes. This is what you get, pure action, heart pounding scenes, a little bit of romance, and never ending thoughts that spin around in your head. It leaves you wondering what the heck just happened. It leaves you with, what I think, is a moral question, as well as a somewhat cliffhanger ending, which I think may end up having a second book. I think that it could end up being a stand alone just as fine with or without a second book. Mostly though this book gets very chilling, it’s faced paced too.

Like I said in one of the paragraphs above Falls the Shadow, like many other YA and other genre books out there, has some romance in it. No, thankfully it doesn’t have a love triangle, just a simple relationship that is threatened by some factors. What those factors are I will not say simple for the fact that I’m trying to make this as spoiler free as possible.

On to the character now, most of which I liked. All of the main characters seemed simply real, for the most part. There were some moments where I thought, ‘hey, don’t you think she’d be freaking out more?’ Sometimes you must freak out about what you have just seen, because I mean come on, how could you not freak out about *spoilers*? Another thing I found a tad bit unbelievable was the main characters relationship with her sister. Not many people love their sister as much as she did, well Brianna and I do get along well but I think we’re different in that way, I mean she really really cared for her. All her actions and thoughts were done for her sister, and she never gave up on her. Talk about one loving family.

Anyways, Falls the Shadow is an action packed, romantic, thriller and if you like any of those genres then you so should read it. You will not be disappointed!



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