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Dead Zone Review


Be prepared for mild spoilers.

Imagine a world where you get a virus infecting thousands within minutes, changing normal teenagers into something more powerful than they once were. Imagine a war taking place in America, devastating thousands, forcing people out of their homes farther and farther from escape. This is the world of Dead Zone. Except electronic lose their power, Russia is taking American land, and only a handful of faithful teenager forced into the US army can stop the threat of rebels and other mutated teens on the enemy side. Like I said, this is Dead Zone.

An action packed, survival story that leaves you on the edge some moments. While in other moments is more slow paced, not boringly slow, but the nice kind of slow that makes those tense moments ease up a bit. Until you are thrown into even more action and thrills, waiting to see what happens to who, and who shoots at what.

It leaves you with questions of what happens next at the end of every chapter or so, no thanks to some of the truly evil characters that are in this story. Characters who have abilities beyond any human, characters who will stop at nothing for their cause, and when I say nothing I mean nothing.

While these characters are great, and I mean really good. There are some moments that I felt they were a bit on the shady side. What I mean is, it’s been so long since I read the first book, so I forgot a lot of that characters. Who they where and what they did in Black Out, about halfway through I remembered most of the characters, some I wasn’t so sure about but that didn’t take away from the story.

I don’t think the Blackout series is as good ad Robison Wells Variant series, I believe that it comes rather close. There aren’t as many chilling moments in Dead Zone as there was in Variant, either way this book it totally great.

If you love kids with super powers, such as X-Men, action series or even books with war in it, then this is the book for you! Just read the first one first because the second one wouldn’t make as much sense if you didn’t.

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