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I Am The Mission (Unknown Assassins #2)


This is book two in the Unknown Assassins Series, if you don’t want spoilers, or want to read the review to the first book go here.

I Am the Mission is the second book to the Unknown Assassin Series by Allen Zadoff which has an interesting take on a teen spy story. I don’t think the idea is most original but the direction he takes this story and the way he rights it just make this book worth reading, in my own opinion. Like I said in the first books review Allen Zadoff writes this story, not in paragraphs, but rather in sentences. Telling us the main characters feeling, action, and world around him in a unique kind of way. In the authors description it even says this book won the 2014 Top Ten Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers is, what I think, is a perfect award for it. I Am the Mission is definitely a quick, nice, simpleish book for those who aren’t so interested in reading.

Reasons why I think this book was so good is as follows:

1. This book is action packed, okay well it is a spy novel, but with what I think is an Assassins Creed type of feeling to it. No, he doesn’t climb on buildings, but instead the main character, named Daniel in this story, gets close to his target and kills them. Without question, he just does.

2. The farther you get into this book the more mysteries and questions surround the characters background, which makes him curious about who he really is, and who he works for.

3. Characters from the previous book are brought back, I love when books do this. Seriously, I think it’s cool.

There is, though, one reason I did not like this book so much. It seems like every girl the main characters meets (this may sound weird) takes her clothes off. Seriously? Why must this always happen? Are they all desperate? He meets them one day, then the next the girl is all over him. Which is the only thing I don’t like. Why can’t they be like cool, kick-butt girls? Why do they have to act in such a way?

This only happens like twice in the book so if this holds you back from reading it, don’t worry about it!

If you like teen books with spies, assassins, danger and action this is the book for you!



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