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The Kiss of Deception Review


I know, I know, I know. I am always hating on love triangles in young adult books, however I really really REALLY enjoyed The Kiss of Deception, a lot. When I read the description I wasn’t blown away, but I decided to give it a try anyways. When I read the description once more, I face palmed myself. A Prince. An Assassin. One girl. Ok, so there’s going to be a love triangle, whatever. I wanted to read this book and I did, and I am not ashamed to say how much I loved it.

I really enjoyed the story, to me it was very unique in a sense. The book was written so well, everything sounded beautifully together and like Fair Coin, I read this book quickly because I could NOT put it down. The main character, Lia, was your typical YA girl, but I loved her. I loved her and the Prince and the Assassin and all the characters (but a few I have in mind cough Malich cough.) The only down side to this story was the love triangle. Sigh. The love triangle was all the book really resolved around, sure Lia ran away from the castle so she didn’t have to marry a guy she didn’t know, but the love triangle just had to matter more. AND COME ON REALLY LIA?! I guess I’ll just say why I was angry at Lia, but be warned SPOILERS MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!

Deep breath.

Lia is in a love triangle, with, get this, the Prince she was supposed to marry :/ and the assassin. AND SHE LOVES the Prince… come. on. If she hadn’t ran away then nothing bad would have happened and everyone would be happy as can be! But she ran away :/ COME ON LIA REALLY? Seriously :/

spoilers over

I did love it though, the story, the magical feel of it. Mary E. Pearson is a very good writer. Everything she wrote was written in such detail I felt like I had transported to where Lia went, it was beautiful. I am looking foreword to the next book very much, 2015… why can’t you come SOONER?!?!

Oh yes, since I hadn’t said so yet, I think most people would enjoy this story. The Kiss of Deception was written in such a wonderful way, very original and the author truly has a great talent for writing. The whole story was very good, the only thing I disliked was the love triangle. Lia is a very strong main character and I enjoyed that 🙂

If you like young adult love stories, magic or cool fantasy worlds read this ^_^!!!

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