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Mon(day) Book Challenge, Week 3 – Suprising Book…

This week marks both Halloween and week three in our book Challenge Week!!

-Drum roll please-

The most surprising book you’ve ever read!!!

Good topic, I have an interesting answer so stay tuned! This week Brianna will start with, a well written, very surprising book!

white space

Yes, White Space by Ilsa J. Bick was very surprising indeed. So much so that I had nightmares, yes nightmares. This is mainly due with the fact that I do not handle gore or horror stories well, but for some strange reason I read this book.

Here is the goodreads summary:

Seventeen-year-old Emma Lindsay has problems: a head full of metal, no parents, a crazy artist for a guardian whom a stroke has turned into a vegetable, and all those times when she blinks away, dropping into other lives so ghostly and surreal it’s as if the story of her life bleeds into theirs. But one thing Emma has never doubted is that she’s real.

Then she writes “White Space,” a story about these kids stranded in a spooky house during a blizzard.

Unfortunately, “White Space” turns out to be a dead ringer for part of an unfinished novel by a long-dead writer. The manuscript, which she’s never seen, is a loopy Matrix meets Inkheart story in which characters fall out of different books and jump off the page. Thing is, when Emma blinks, she might be doing the same and, before long, she’s dropped into the very story she thought she’d written. Trapped in a weird, snow-choked valley, Emma meets other kids with dark secrets and strange abilities: Eric, Casey, Bode, Rima, and a very special little girl, Lizzie. What they discover is that they–and Emma–may be nothing more than characters written into being from an alternative universe for a very specific purpose.

Now what they must uncover is why they’ve been brought to this place–a world between the lines where parallel realities are created and destroyed and nightmares are written–before someone pens their end

Such a sweet idea, I loved the writing style of it, but the further I read the more freaked out I got. Again I do not handle gore well and can’t stand horror movies. This book was a horror movie times a billion for me… and I couldn’t put it down. I should have listened to myself and changed books, I should have not continued reading despite the increasing insanity of White Space.

Get this, the most interesting book I ever read was White Space because….


This guys tongue gets ripped off, there’s blood and grossness and gore and oh my gosh O_O so weird so crazy so insane I just cant handle hdkjefnrgvjklfdcxs…


So why is this surprising? I’m not really sure. Maybe I should have realized with the rising suspense and increasing stakes that something like this would happen. And had I actually taken a look at reviews I would have seen that this book was gory….

I think I’m done with gore, I am not taking a trip down that path again!

However if you like horror, oh my gosh White Space is perfect for you! It is 100% suspense with perfectly creepy and is wonderfully written, just to creepy for me.

There you go, the most surprising book I’ve ever read.

Now here we go, this time for Angelina it’s a book but a manga adaptation of a book. A seriously good manga thats full of feels, sadness, happiness, its really an emotional roller coaster that is better than the movie (Vampires Assistant), in my opinion.


Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan!!!!!! I can easily say that this is one of the BEST mangas I have ever read, and I’ve read a lot.

Darren Shan was an average kid until destiny brought him to the Cirque Du Freak. Now Darren’s been immersed into a shadowy world inhabited by vampires, werewolves and strange creatures the likes of which he’s never imagined, and his life will be changed forever! -goodreads.com

I feel as though this summary does injustice to this book!!!!!!! When I first picked it up I had little to no expectations but once I started I just could not stop. Ever. I read the whole manga series in about a week. Manga after manga my socks kept flying off, my mind kept exploding after every single moment, I cried a lot, laughed a lot. I haven’t read anything quite as wonderful as this.

Friendships are formed and tested, family is broken. Mysteries surround everything, hatred emerges, action around every corner, this manga has practically EVERYTHING!!!

Now I can’t say the same for the actual book version written by Darren Shan, but if I would ever recommend one manga it would most likely be this one. Rarely do I ever feel as much emotions as I did with this manga.

Seriously, you should so read it.


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