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The Shadow Girl


For as long as Lily Winston can remember, she has never been alone. Iris, a shadowy figure who mimics Lily’s movements and whispers in her ear, is with her always—but invisible to the rest of the world. Iris is Lily’s secret.
But when Lily’s father is killed in a tragic accident, his cryptic final words suggest that he and Lily’s mother have been keeping secrets of their own. Suddenly, Iris begins pushing Lily more than ever, possessing her thoughts and urging her to put together the pieces of a strange puzzle her father left behind. As she searches for answers, Lily finds herself drawn to Ty Collier, a mysterious new boy in town. Together, Lily and Ty must untangle a web of deception to discover the truth about her family, Iris . . . and Lily’s own identity.

This book held so much promise maybe my expectations were way to high but I did not enjoy this book at all. I’m not even sure why I bothered finishing it. I expected a heart pounding thriller that chilled you to the bones but I got a love story.

First of all when it says that Iris begins pushing Lily more then ever that doesn’t really happen. It’s more of Iris just saying, “Hey Lily do this please. I almost remember something.” But Lily doesn’t do it she does what she wants searching for answers only when its necessary.

The story sounded good, I mean come on, who wouldn’t like a book with a mystery and possessing ghost like person? It’s just not what I really got. It took a good 200 pages for the story to start getting good and even then it was not interesting at all. Most of it was just Lily being sad over her fathers death, which is understandable, then the rest of it is her being attracted to a mysterious guy named Ty and her friend Wyatt being jealous at their moments together (yeah there’s a love triangle.) Then Ty messes up once by not telling Lily something she thinks is important, Lily gets mad and runs back to Wyatt. That is basically it my friends, Lily, Ty, and Wyatts love triangle, and a somewhat present Iris all together. Fighting, loving one another, accepting each other. For a whole 325 pages. Of course there is a mystery to who Iris is but it was really obvious, in my opinion, almost too obvious.

If you expect that heart pounding thriller that chills you to the bone, you won’t really get that here. If you want a love story, with the ever popular love triangle, or a mystery this is the book for you.


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