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Promise Bound- Lies Beneath #3


First off let me warn you in saying that this is the third book in a series, I will try not to spoil anything, but if you don’t want to take your chances then do not read this!
Yay final book in the Lies Beneath Series it’s too good to be over T.T Whyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!

Lies Beneath is my most favorite book series about mermaids out there. (Okay I’ve only read one other series but hey, who’s counting?) From the moment I first picked up the book I knew I would love every second of it and I did. Especially when I found out it took place in Lake Superior (I live in Michigan so that’s pretty dang cool!) I loved it. I mean come on killer mermaids in Lake Superior sounds awesome minus the killer part of course.

The characters are ultimately cool in this whole series. Lily is the main female character and Calder is the guy one. Each chapter alternates their points of views and sometimes it changes in the middle of the chapter, there are titles at the top of each section where they change point of view which is nice. The changing views don’t take away from the emotion or action either I think it adds to it. Because when Lily is depressed it changes to Calder who’s trying to find his (spoiler) parents (end spoiler). Of course Lily loves Calder and Calder loves Lily and they have their romances and troubles but this isn’t the whole book, not really. Which is good if your not one for hard core romantic books. Instead there are moments of mystery, action and heart pounding moments.

Calders sisters are written well also. Maris and her evilish glory are back this time with more of a sinister reason. Pavati is back as well this time with a child whom Danny will have to take care of for a year then give back to her, that is the way of the mermaids. Which did not work out so well with Nadia. All of a sudden everything is dumped on Lily, she must watch Pavatis son to make sure Danny will give him back when the time is right, (spoiler) her mothers is nearing death and her family is pushing for Lily to make a deal with either Pavati, who refuses, or Maris, and Calder leaves to find his parents (end spoiler) which all sends Lilys mood spiraling down. Giving Maris the perfect chance to strike.

Honestly this book is awesome. It has it’s intense moments, romantic ones, chilling ones, basically the whole story is tied up perfectly to the end. All except what happens to Maris is a mystery. People are happy, Lily is happy, Calders happy, a happy ending for everyone.

If you like series about mermaids, romance, mystery and revenge the Lies Beneath series is the series for you. Just make sure if you read it to start with book one!!!!!!!

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