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Panic Review


Oh yeah finally another great book. I just kind of picked up Panic not really expecting anything, I don’t think I even read what it was about. All I remember was that my sister, Brianna, said Lauren Oliver is a good author and that she wanted to read it. Well I got bad news for her, I read it, and if you snooze you lose so ha!

Anyways this book was totally awesome the story had its heart pounding moments. Panic really would make someone Panic and its simple name says a lot which is nice too. Basically Panic is a game the high school seniors volunteer to take place in, every student pays a fine of about $1 a day, and at the end of the year the total is added up and given to the winners of the game. Of course the players have to go through something terrifying to get a step up the ladder and after every round someone is eliminated. The rounds they have in Panic are really scary at times. I’m not going to say what they are, some were long and some were really short and the dangers are present too.

There was never a dull moment either, when the characters weren’t participating in Panic they were living their lives. Each character had a believable attitude from the way they spoke to how they thought. They all had their reasons for wanting to win good reasons too. A certain character *SPOILER* is carefully named. *END SPOILER*

In the back where the About the Author is it says that Panic is optioned for film by Universal Studios, which would be awesome, but you don’t need a movie to imagine what is going on. The story is really detailed, not overly detailed either, which adds to the awesomeness of this book. Sometimes there isn’t enough emotion or description in a book that’s not a problem for Panic though.

If you like books that are thrilling, realistic in a sense, a story about summer, love, and hope this is the book for you.

I’m really happy I read this book and am not disappointed at all the rounds of this game known as Panic make me wonder, would I join in on the fun or would I just panic?

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