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Looking for Alaska Review


Looking for Alaska, another John Green book, so far I have read three of his stories this year and honestly, I find it a little hard that his books aren’t so….different. Do NOT get me wrong, I love John Green, adore him actually, but Alaska is like the other girls in his stories, same with the other minor main characters. John Green has a strange way with writing teenagers, maybe there are teens out there that talk like the way he writes them, teens who use complex words and love to learn. Teens who read the Almanac and remember world capitals for fun, but in my eyes, I don’t see teens like that, nor do I know a single person like that. And seriously, who gets away with pranks like THAT?

In this book, he talks about.. more adult themes. Pudge is in Highschool but the things they do and say often times had me thinking they were college kids. For example, they smoke, and drink, and prank, and kiss a lot, A LOT! Countless times Alaska, the Colonel and Pudge get drunk and pull pranks on the snobby rich kids, who don’t really play any roll in the story, they come in for a few scenes but he didn’t really make them… snobby… Ok, they were jerks and *early spoilers* tried to kill Pudge, *early spoilers over* but thats really pretty much it.

And Alaska. Alaska is his typical mysterious, smart, book and mystery loving girl. Pudge loves her, he loves the mystery she is and he wants to know her, just like in Paper Towns… Alaska is reckless, she hates the rich kids, she doesn’t care about what others think of her just like Margo. They love pranks, they are rebels, they are those girls that again the main boy loves.

His story is also the same, in a way. Im not haiting on John Green, I love his stories like I said, but again they lack difference. The main characters are smart, they don’t have a lot of friends (kind of loners in a way, but they do have some friends), there are mean kids (arent there always?), they drink, smoke, prank (that sort of thing), and they love the girl they can’t have and *SPOILERS* they dont really end up together :P! *SPOILERS OVER!*

I did like Looking for Alaska though. The sameness of his stories (Paper Towns and this one)  didn’t turn me away. I enjoyed the pranks they pulled though they seemed unrealistic, and the characters. I liked the BEFORE part more than the AFTER, but still I enjoyed the AFTER and what they did in the AFTER. I am trying so hard not to ruin what happens in the after so I can’t explain myself so well without giving it away :/ I also enjoyed the Lara, Takumi, the Colonel, Alaska and Pudge’s relationship, I loved it!!!!

But again, this book did have some mature themes, so be warned! I do recommend it though, John Green has some amazing quotes and wonderful stories. I love his style of writing, so detailed and sometimes (FAULT IN OUR STARS!) moving. I enjoy the roller coaster ride he sets up for uss readers.

I recommend this book to those who like realistic fiction, and John Green books.


3 thoughts on “Looking for Alaska Review

  1. I’m so with you on this. I agree about the characters not seeming very realistic. To be honest I can somewhat believe that teens might randomly want to learn the capitals of countries. (I’ve done that once, though I’m not a teen). But I also couldn’t quite engage and relate to them. I didn’t like Alaska at all, but I loved Colonel and Takumi the most. Again I’m a big fan of John Green too, his writing is brilliant but I’m just not having the same love for the stories as everybody else. (I’ve only read Looking for Alaska and TFIOS so far), so maybe I’m speaking too soon. Great review!


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