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Of Triton (Syrena Legacy #2)


For some strange reason this book makes me indifferent. I’m not really sure why. After I read the book Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown I fell in love with stories about mermaids (or in this case Syrena) they suddenly became ten times more interesting then they had first seemed to be. The Little Mermaid was a not so threatening story, Lies Beneath was way more chilling, and this book lies in between threatening and non-threatening mermaid tails (haha, see what I did there?)

Well, the story is okay. At some points I found myself barely able to concentrate on it, it seemed to me like the story kind of dragged on. Some of it was emotional but other than that I felt almost no compassion towards the characters, I just did not click with them at all. There were parts that I felt were weird they talked a lot about mating with each other, which was awkward altogether, I mean come on Emmas like 18 (or close to it) known Galen for like a year and they are talking about that? Not to mention (possible spoiler sentence) that Emmas mom want to mate to Grom, someone who is related to Galen, doesn’t that make it even weirder?

I do like their mermaid jokes and nicknames for one another like minnow and angelfish!

Still though I find myself liking the characters sometimes. Emma can be really witty and brave, who would dare stand up to a King like she did? Galen is a cool dude himself but I’m still not feeling any sort of emotion towards him. Toraf reminds me of a kid in my class for some strange reason, he’s the funny kind of laid back guy, which is cool. And Ryana is Galens twin sister (something I can relate too XD only my twin is a girl and I’m a girl). Ryana is snappy, witty, strong and does not take no for an answer. Despite that, the characters aren’t believable to me at all. Maybe it’s because some of them are Syrena? Or one of them was in the mafia? Or they talk about mating? I am not quite sure at all? Wait, or maybe it’s because Emma lives in Galens home? I don’t know, I can’t tell.

Still my love for books about mermaids doesn’t stop me from liking this one even if it does make me feel a tad indifferent. Do you like books about mermaids? Feel free to tell me if you do (or don’t) in the comments below, I love to talk to people!




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