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The Body in the Woods Review


Okay being the first book in a new series (what book isn’t a series?), A Point Last Seen, this book has a lot of lose ties to put an end to. A lot more mysteries about the characters themselves that I want to know more of. This is why I only gave this book 2.5 out of 5.

First, the characters were a problem for me. They had no voice really and they were unique but not really believable. Ruby is a smart, proud kind of girl who (seems to) think she’s way better then everyone else and even points it out at times and is very, very observant in her surroundings she’s even a bird watcher, Alexis is a normal-ish girl with a mentally-ill mother who doesn’t take her medication, and Nick is an outcast (in a way) who wants to be just like his dead father. They weren’t like teenagers in my opinions, more like dull characters.

(This paragraph might have spoilers) When they find the body in the woods they meet several people before, you end up suspecting each of them. They meet them easily and pass by them quickly, not saying too much and not saying too little. I don’t know, I just don’t like it. (Spoilers ended.)

Next,  the book was way to boring for me, there are far better mystery stories then this one. It took about 150 pages for the story to really get started or even interesting for that matter, this book just did not click with me. I didn’t really want to finish it or really know who the killer was. There was little detail, only about small things like there was a plant over there, or a bird up in that tree. I write stories myself and I do that too, it’s hard not to, but there was just nothing explaining the world around them. Only their thoughts, what was happening, not even in intriguing sentences at all, just this happened, oh my gosh, then this. Everything happened too easily as well.

There were clues that, if you look back on it, make sense of who the killer really is. Which makes you have that ‘oh duh,’ moment, I mean come on, how could I not see this coming?!? There were also those moments that make your heart speed up as the characters get into situations that’s why I gave it the 2.5 stars. If there were no heart pounding moments I would have given it only 1 star. It was cool to find out this story was based on a real team of teenage search and rescue group, I didn’t even know they existed at all.

If you like mystery filled with obvious and not so obvious clues, if you like those heart pounding, thrilling moments you occasionally get in this book, then you should read The Body in the Woods.

Perhaps it’s because I have read so many books that I do not like this one. Maybe, it’s because I read a lot of mysteries and young adult, thrilling books. I just didn’t feel it, something felt off. But like I said this book is part of a new series, A Point Last Seen Mystery, and the lose ends I hope will be solved in the next book to come.

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