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I Am the Weapon (Boy Nobody)-The Unknown Assassin #1 Review


Okay, now on to the book. Like, We Were Liars, I am the Weapon is written like the style The Adoration of Jenna Fox, short sentences that tell thoughts and whats happening, not much description, and short chapters. This style of writing though, doesn’t take way from the book.

The story is about an assassin, Boy Nobody (which they never call him that in the book, from what I can remember) who’s bravery and stubbornness land him into The Program. The Program is a secret kind of society where people are hired as assassins to kill those who are, for example, leaking American secretes to enemies, they claim they are patriotic and good, but are they really?

Boy Nobody, currently living under the name of Benji (short for Benjamin) begins to wonder this on his latest assignment. Given only five days to carry out the task to kill the mayor of New York is a new type of challenge for Benji, never before has his timeline been so short, his Mother and Father tell him it’s a test. But a test of what? His ability? Or perhaps something even more important to The Program, his loyalty?

There are multiple problems Benji has to overcome, one being the most obvious, the mayor is guarded 24/7. Another is, with the short timeline given Benji has to get close to his daughter, without revealing himself too much, and kill the mayor without anyone realizing. The mayors daughter is a tricky on to get close to though and her name is Sam You see, Sam is complicated, she cares about politics, she has been through loss before (her mother has died) and for some strange reason Benji finds himself, for the first time ever, not wanting to complete the mission. Sam is nice to him, and the mayor treats him like family, Benji begins to like them both. But is this the right choice?

It’s just for some reason this book did not interest me enough. In my opinion, Benji did not seem to have much of a voice when he was telling his story. He didn’t have much emotion only logical thoughts, which I guess makes sense because he has to keep his goal in mind to complete it, still I didn’t like that much. Also, I felt like the book dragged on in some parts, taking many chapters to get to the point. Then some parts were just plain weird, inappropriate weird things I don’t want to write but whatever.

Don’t get me wrong though, the story itself is interesting, there are even some heart-pounding moments, Benji sure does get himself into some sticky situations.
On the back of the book it says, ‘they needed the perfect assassin,” the question is, did they get the perfect assassin? Or did The Program get more then they bargained for? The answer to that question may be up to book, or up to you to find out.


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