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We Were Liars Review


We Were Liars is by FAR my MOST favorite book of 2014 so far. It was just a brilliant taste of mystery, thrill and life as a privileged kid on a summer island. When I first saw this book I thought, oh great this is just another one of those realistic drama, gossip girl kind of book with nothing good going for it (I hate those realistic books, sorry!) I was so wrong. Like I said it was brilliant.

The writing style of this book is interesting too, if you’ve read The Adoration of Jenna Fox, or I Am The Weapon it is written like that, sentences telling you their thoughts and whats going on, but not giving you much more than that, which adds to the mystery of it all. The chapters are really short too.

The story takes place through the mind and life Cady (Candace) who is part of the beautiful Sinclair family where no one is a criminal, addict or a failure. They are tall, athletic, handsome and rich. Really rich.  Cady is part of the Liars, her friends on the summer island, Gat, Jhonny and Mirren and during the summer of 15 something happened to Cady, she was pushed underwater and left to die on the beach, leaving Cady with fragmented memories, questions and terrible headaches. Her mother was the one to find her but the question remains for Cady, where were the Liars when this happened? This, my friends, is the mystery and there are clues. But, only when you finish the book, will you realize what they are. Thats why this book is brilliant, amazing, stunning, I loved every minute of it. Seriously it is amazing and I so recommend it.

I can’t talk about more of this book without giving spoilers, but I do recommend you read it. Oh, and be prepared for some intense ‘feels.’

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