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The Best of Me


I think I’ve said before that I like Nicholas Sparks books, The Last Song preferably, it was a heart-breaking, bitter sweet story that I fell in love with.  Unfortunately The Best of Me didn’t really bring out the best of Nicholas Sparks books, in fact I daresay it was the worst. Now, if you like this book, please keep in mind that this is my opinion here, so here I go.

At first I loved this book, I felt bad for Dawson and what he was going through. His family was not the best kind, they didn’t treat him well, and because of that Dawson was always looked down on. That wasn’t fair to him at all. As the book went on, I found myself feeling less and less empathy towards the characters, not because they were bad, no, it was because of the books tendency to drag on.

This part may be spoiler filled, so be warned.

Most of the book takes place in one single, plain event, it being the death of Tuck. He was a dear person to both of the main characters Amanda and Dawson, he let Dawson live with him and let Amanda reminisce in memories with him. He opened up to one and not the other. About 100 pages takes place here, everyone talking about Tucks death, them sorting out his last wishes. Tuck was smart though, I have to say. Because Tuck aligned the stars where he wished Amanda and Dawson, the old lovers, would fall in love again. He called them both to take care of his last wishes, he gave them letters urging them to be together, he even ordered food that would be there when they would. He had an complex plan, one I would never think of, ever.

There is a slight problem though, Amanda is married, she volunteers at a hospital, basically people depend on her. Dawson is single, has a job, does not talk to his family or associate with them, so he’s just alone. When Tucks plans go into motion they find that they still love each other after all these years apart. Amanda married Frank, never really feeling too much love for him, and when their daughter died of a tumor, he began to drink and it all went downhill. When Dawson sees Amanda and Amanda sees him, yeah they feel love, yeah they give it a try, keep in mind that she’s married, things happen and it goes downhill then back uphill. Amanda feels guilty, pushes herself away, her mother basically tells her so, then tells Amanda not to listen to her. You think Amanda is going to go back to Dawson but nope, she decides to go home. Yup, that is the whole story in a wrap. Well, basically.

End Spoilers.

Also, this is going to be a movie, I may or may not see that. Sorry, I did not like this story. But if you read it and like it, that’s cool too. I just felt like the whole story dragged on, and on and on. I could rant all day, but I will leave it at that.





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