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So I have not posted anything in like three weeks :/, sorry again, I have just been super busy. I am leaving in 8 days for Japan so I decided I am going to try and post at least a few more times before I go :)! I haven’t been able to read any books lately, to many exams and reviews and last ditch efforts to give us homework XD, but I have been thinking about what to post here.

I decided on a book trailer, mainly because I was thinking about The Fault in Our Stars and how the movie is coming out this week and it’s trailer, but then I decided I am going to wait to talk about the movie after I see it! Anyways, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs is my favorite book, I also loved the second one, Hollow City, and am SUPER excited for the third! The Peculiar Children book is currently underway to be made into a movie produced by Tim Burton, and I personally could not think of a better person than him! If you do not know him he produced The corpse Bride, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and The Nightmare Before Christmas just to name a few.

This trailer is by far my favorite book trailer, I just love the creepiness and the adorableness of Jacob as a little boy. In fact, this is one of the reasons I decided to read the book and why I loved it so much, Ransom Riggs is an amazing author and his stories really bring out the best in the Young Adult genre to me. The characters aren’t perfect, they aren’t unearthly beautiful and incredibly smart, they are just children, sort of…. well, if you read it you will understand what I mean :)! His stories are sure to drag you in, the pictures keep your interest (its hard not to skip ahead and look at them, but trust me, they have spoilers sometimes!), to me, he has mastered the best story I have ever read in a long while.

This brings me to my ending question, what is the best book trailer?




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