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The Raven Boys


Oh golly did I like this book! I don’t think I’ve read one quite this good in a while.

This book packed a whole lot of wows. First of all I loved the characters. Gansy, the rich one who had an obsession with Glendower, Ronan the kick-butt guy with the troubled past, Noah the silent one, Adam the sort-of outcast with an abusive father, and finally Blue the main girl with the ability to enhance psychics powers. Sure Ronan and Noah are like tons of other characters, but there are certain things that separate them from the rest of the crowd, no spoilers here though. Out of all the characters, I liked Adam the best, well I liked them all, but Adam was the coolest. Perhaps it was because he was an outcast, the guy with the abusive father, like I said, I tend to go for the underdogs. But Adam is great at observation and has a certain courage that I find most character do not, that and he’s stubborn, geez is he stubborn.

The story was a whole new thing for me too, because I don’t believe that I have ever read a book about girl related to physics before. Nor have I ever read about Welsh kings and Ley (is that the correct spelling?) lines. The story was fast passed, action packed, a wild ride of pure awesomeness. I’m really excited now to read the second book and move on to a new book called Avalon by Mindee Arnett, I’ve been waiting to read that book since it first came out!




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