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The Eighth Day -Dianne K. Salerni


What’s better than descendents of King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, and Merlin? Well, you guessed it an eight day of the week!

All my life I’ve loved the story of King Arthur, Quest for Camelot was my favorite children’s movie and I read the King Arthur book by Frank T. Thompson. So as soon as I found out that there was King Arthur talk in it, what was there to not like about this book? I did really like it, but the climax only really came when I was at the last hundred or so pages of the book. Overall nothing happened for those first few hundred pages, Jax would freak out at first, transition to Grunsday (a nickname for the eighth day) go back to the regular days of the week, worry, then go back to Grunsday.

The Kin, the descendents of Merlin, the very man who helped conjured up the spell that created Grunsday are trapped on the eighth day for all eternity, unless a certain spell is cast to break that curse. Which is were most of the conflict comes from, other than people leaving Jax in the dark about Grunsday facts. But, that was basically it, 309 pages and that was all that happened. Should I have expected more? I’m not so sure right now, I hope that the second book will add more to it than the first one.

I did like the characters though, for the most part. Jax was hilarious at times, when he first transitioned to Grunsday he thought of zombies, alien abductions and the Spongebob episode where everyone leaves on a bus to take a day away from Spongebob, I mean come on, who thinks of that? I thought that was cleaver other than the typical alien, zombie thing. Riley, Jax’s guardian was cool too. He was a laid back, who cares, kind of guy. Jax didn’t appreciate that at the beginning but I did. Evangeline, one of the Kin, was cool too,after all, who doesn’t like a tough girl with magical powers that can stand up for herself? Seriously, I wish there were more tough girl characters like her.

Whether you enjoy The Eighth Day or not, I’d say it depends on what you like. Action, magic, King Arthur, heck yeah, I think you’ll like it. If you can get past the first 100 pages, it’s all worth it.

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