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Eleanor and Park Review


I kept on seeing that if you enjoyed The Fault in Out Stars (which I did) then read Eleanor and Park, a story about two very different teenagers who fall in love on the school bus. The thing that interested me most about Eleanor and Park was, well, Eleanor and Park themselves, and you might be wondering why so allow me to explain.

Eleanor isn’t perfect, she isn’t some “gorgeous” Barbie with a thin body and beautiful face. Eleanor isn’t some girl you would see on (most) magazines or in (most) other medias, she is real, realer than 90% of most characters I would typically read about. She is considered heavy and ugly by most and is teased about her looks and “weirdness” throughout the duration of the story. Unlike a lot of (well not a lot but I think you may understand) young adult main characters, she isn’t perfect, nothing about her or any other human being is (sorry guys!) Eleanor is flawed, she’s mean, she’s weird, and her family isn’t the best. (THIS MAY BE A SPOILER BUT IS INTRODUCED EARLY ON IN THE BOOK SO BE A LITTLE WARNED) Her step dad abuses her mom, he kicked Eleanor out and the book begins when she is coming home, her family is screwed up (sorry for that, but it really is.)

Park is a half Asian kid and just happens to fall in love with her. The book takes place in the 1980s (I’m sorry but I don’t know the exact yer, I think it was 86?) and if you don’t know the 1980s, then you wouldn’t know about the racial tensions back then. Anyways, his mom is Korean. Park has a perfect family, at least closer to perfect. His dad is hard on him and, in a way, wishes his son to be a perfect image of him, he wants the best for his son.

The characters really made the story a little more interesting for me. If the story was better (in my opinion) I would have given it a better rating. For me, I gave the story a 3/5 for multiple reasons mainly being that nothing really happened. Eleanor was teased and bullied, and Park would help her, they would sneak kisses and fall even more in love, they would fight, and repeat. That was it and other than that, nothing happened until the very end (no spoilers). Sorry for those who liked the book, and I am not saying that I didn’t like the book – because I did – I just felt like more could have been added, something should have happened… Anyways, I did like the book, I just gave it a 2/5 due to the lack of plot… and how many times do they have to fight???? They fought a lot…. but I guess that’s love sometimes XD

But please do not be mad at me, I just didn’t find interest in the story, I DID however enjoy the diversity of characters over the normal picture perfect main characters.

You might like Eleanor and Park if you enjoy romance, young adult fiction and constant POV changes 🙂 (I do like POV changes haha)


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