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The Maze Runner Movie


I remember when I first saw The Maze Runner, I thought to myself, “man, what a lame title, who names a book The Maze Runner anyway?” So when I finally read it, I was blown away it was not as lame as I had once thought the title to be, it was so much better. This is why we don’t judge books by their titles…oh no wait, is it covers? Ah darn, anyways, is it too early to say that I’m excited for The Maze Runner movie? The case looks almost exactly as I imagined them and from what James Dasher said, the movie goes along with the book to almost every detail. Oh my gosh, Newt even has an accent (ahhhh I’m going to fangirl!) But they changed WICKED to WICKD, which isn’t a huge change. The trailer looks amazing and from what you can see of the grievers, they look crazy scary XD. I just hope my hopes aren’t too high for this movie, I don’t want to be disappointing (and I hope I’m not going to be!)

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, here it is:

Oh my goodness the seriousness. The intensity. The music! Oh and the actors, they are all so good! Not to mention all the stills from the movie out so far, I have to say, it’s looking good. Now I just want a better look at the grievers then I’m all set until September! And can I just say, I really want to wear one of the Gladers outfits, they are stylish XD!


(OH THERE’S NEWT!!!!!!! He’s on the left! He’s my favorite!) I really recommend The Maze Runner series though!  Plus they have a special cover for The Maze Runner movie at Barnes and Nobles (I haven’t seen it other places yet) with a picture from the movie on the cover, it looks soooo cool 🙂

Thomas wakes up in a fog and in a maze. His memory has gone blank; he can’t remember anything beyond his first name; and he is trapped with other boys in an intricate labyrinth, a prisoner held by unknown captors. And that was just the beginning…    -Barnes and Noble

Well, enough about what I think, I want to know what you think. Do you think The Maze Runner would be a good movie? Do you think there should be book to movie adaptions? Do you like book movies? I’d love to see what you all think about this.

I actually like this new trend, it gets people reading and if they make the movie like the book, everyone wins! Plus its super cool to see a book you love on screen if it’s done good. If it’s not…oh…that’s a whole other story.

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