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The One ! (not a review)


So this week, Kiera Cass was in Chicago signing books! She is the author of The Selection Series, a series about 35 girls who win a trip to the castle in order to win the heart of Prince Maxon, only one of them can win and become Queen. Honestly, I wasn’t able to go to the book signing but one of my friends did, and she got the book signed by Kiera Cass :D! I CANT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I AM :D!!!!

I haven’t read the book yet, I will be reading it after Dorothy Must Die, but expect a review coming up for sure!

If you have read The Selection, who do you like best?

I’m a huge fan of Maxon, I really like him ^_^, but he isn’t my favorite literary boy, that would be Augustus Waters from The Fault in Out Stars

One thought on “The One ! (not a review)

  1. I live for that “OMG, he’s here!” feeling so I’m sorry to hear that it’s kind of msinisg in this installment. I still have to read book one, but for some reason, it hasn’t grabbed my attention yet. Maybe someday because it sounds like the author did some exciting things with the world building and now I feel like I’m really msinisg out.My recent post


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