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What Character Are You Like?

Who doesn’t like quizzes? I find myself taking them all the time XD, so when I come across one where you find what literary character you are, why the heck not take it? Haha, so I did! But first I considered who I would be, to compare my own thoughts to the quiz. (not that I thought the character would be in the quiz, it just sounded like fun.)

Personally I’d say that I’m a lot like Perry Eckert from The Other Normals by Ned Vizzini. True, he is a guy, be we had a lot in common. Perry is that geeky kind of kid that likes what he likes, board games (Creatures and Caverns) and from what I remember, doesn’t have many friends, he is kind of invisible in school. I am soooo like that, my love for anime, video games, writing and reading tends to (I think) creep people out, or more so, those likes I have don’t click with most people. Most! Places like this website, Youtube and Facbook have allowed me to find people with interests similar to mine. Of course I’m friends with people with different interests than me, sometimes though, its nice to know that someone knows what you’re talking about, ya know?

But according to a quiz on HelloQuizzy I’m Wendy Darling the good, human, side thinker. I focus on doing the right thing instead of the selfish one. Which is good and bad, because as a kid, I always hated Wendy because she was friends with Peter Pan, could fly, and hung out with the Lost Boys. At the same time though I loved her, she was kind and selfless and loved every one of the Lost Boys like a mother would. I guess I’d be like Wendy too… I can’t be mean to a person like, EVER, it’s just not who I am. I like to help others and feel terrible if I don’t.

If you want to take the quiz (quizzes are so much fun!) here’s the link to take it:


(I hope that link works!)

Plus, if you don’t know what The Other Normals is about, I’d soooo recommend it. It’s funny, humorous, kind of sad and adventurous all at the same time. At times though, it can be kind of awkwardly inappropriate Perry is obsessed with his chest hair…

Given the chance, fifteen-year-old Peregrine “Perry” Eckert would dedicate every waking moment to Creatures & Caverns, an epic role-playing game rich with magical creatures, spell casting, and deadly weapons. The world of C&C is where he feels most comfortable in his own skin. But that isn’t happening—not if his parents have anything to do with it. Concerned their son lacks social skills, they ship him off to summer camp. Perry knows he’s in for the worst summer of his life.

Everything changes, however, when Perry gets to camp and stumbles into the World of the Other Normals. There he meets Mortin Enaw, one of the creators of C&C, and other mythical creatures from the game. Perry’s new otherworldly friends need his help to save their princess and prevent mass violence. As they embark on their quest together, Perry realizes that his nerdy childhood has uniquely prepared him to be a great warrior in this world, and maybe even a hero. But to save the princess, Perry will have to learn how to make real connections in the human world as well.

        -Barnes and Noble

4 thoughts on “What Character Are You Like?

      1. Yeah XD I took a “What faction are you in Divergent” quiz and I got my least favorite faction, Erudite XD awkward O.o


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