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Confessions the Private School Murders


Second in the series of Confessions this book held a lot of promise for me, since I loved the first one. Sadly it failed to live up to my expectations, but it was almost as good as the first. All the characters are back Hugo, Harry, of course Tandy, as well a new character Jacob, Tandys guardian for the time being. With three mysteries this time I found that these mysteries were solved a bit too easily. Sure it took 300 pages but Tandy just seemed to find all the answers at rather convenient times, things just seemed to work out for her too well. The memories of her past though were quite new and I liked that. The way the story just fell into her memories for a few chapters was refreshing from time to time. Sometimes they were intense, some where filled with mystery and other were just plain…sad. I thought the ending was predictable though (don’t worry, no spoilers!) But I’m glad to find there is a third book where, I hope, all remaining questions will be answered. I don’t think this book is as good as James Pattersons other stories though. It just doesn’t live up to the level of Maximum Ride, Daniel X or Witch and Wizard, but then again this book isn’t fantasyish like the other ones. Other than that, Tandy’s voice in the book seems to stand out, the chapters where she confessed secretes I enjoyed the most. I felt that they were underused and I would’ve liked to know more of what she’s hiding from the reader.

If you like mysteries though, this is a really good book for you! Sometimes the scenes get really intense and with the short chapters the book is almost impossible to put down. I’d start with the first book though Confessions of a Murder Suspect because then everything would make much more sense.

(Well I hope that was an okay review, I can only get better from here on out!)

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